Roast Sandwiches

Steph gave me this idea one day for dinner. They turned out divine. A total simple meal to pull together... I bought a loaf of fresh french bread and got some sliced roast beef and provolone cheese from the deli. Put a few slices of warm (I microwaved it a little bit)roast beef on one side and topped it with cheese. I broiled them open faced to melt the cheese and make it crispy. Then I made up some Au Jus Sauce (from a packet)...Gary loved it and so did I. Thanks for the idea Steph!


Ryan & Jess said...

I am all for the easy, but yummy dishes...and this one looks REALLY good. Thanks for sharing, Tar!

Liz T said...

I tried this and loved it. I added creamcheese like a traditional beef dip or philly steak, and it was delightful. Found your recipe blog, and it is awesome! I am a culinary professional, and I don't know why I never thought to make beef dips in such a simple way. I tried this out and loved it. Hope you don't mind if I post this recipe on my blog. Just come to my blog tastethisliz.blogspot.com and tell me in any comment section if you do not want me to post it, or if you do not want me to keep this blog address in my post. Keep cooking!