A little help?

So meat up here in Canada is INSANELY expensive. I am on a desperate search for all good meatless recipes. If you have any favorites, please post them and I will be ETERNALLY greatful!


Marilee said...

Hi Jessica! My new year's resolution was to cook 99% of the time without meat (so I 'd be forced to cram more veggies into our meals) and so far we've eaten delcious meals almost every night. It really does save money when I'm not buying meat any more and we feel healthier. so it's a win win situation :) Anyway, I'm working on creating a link to my on line recipe book from our blog, so check it out soon! http://nathan-marilee.blogspot.com

Tara Fears said...

Hey, BUT...if you ARE to ever buy meat...go to M&M Meats! I LOVE that place!!!

Calloways said...

Matt says it's not a meal without meat! HA!! I'll look for some good recipes that don't use meat...I know I've had some!